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Hot Pursuit MX

Recent and Upcoming Events and News

Recent and Upcoming Events and News
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On this page we'll post recent and past events so that you can keep up to date with the team and it's activities.

Recent Events

  Spencer broke his left leg on Sep 3rd while riding at Smith Rd raceway. He had surgery and is recovering at home.
  As a result of the effort by the team memebers Hot Pursuit was able to donate $1000.00 to adeline casue. Thanks to the team for ist efforts.
  Monday Aug 13th we rode for charity. Team Hot Pursuit, with its new members, Jerry Coffe, Joel Eckstine, and Larry Covey, all participated in our charity ride. The guys rasied money for Adelaine Powell, who is a very sick girl in Florida. The event includede a slowest bike contest, a fastest lap contest, a holeshot contest and the most laps.
  Joel got the most laps, and edged out Spencer by 1 lap, and Larry was only a couple behind them. Jerry spent time repairing a front flat tire, and I just did whatever had to be done to make things work.
   For more information about Adelaine see the link provided on this site.
Hot Pursuit in 2008 looks like it is going to have a new direction and partnership. Stay tuned for some very much anticpated and exciting news about our new focus and direction.
  Jacks surgery on his dislocted hip as a result of a crash in practice about a month ago went well. He is healing up and doing well. He is anticipated to be back on the bike by August 10th.
  On June 23rd Tom and Spencer raced at the Ohio Fire and Police bennefit race at Spring Valley raceway. Tom, now cleared by the doc, raced Clydsdale and +40 classes and Spencer raced Schoolboy. Tom raced very well, and took 2nd and 3rd. Spencer had the front tire wash out on him in the first moto and banged his knee. He sat out the second moto as the kne stiffened up and began to swell a little. A day later the knee is OK.
  In the early part of June Mike and Jack were practicing at Lorain COunty Speedway when Jack had a nast get-off. He ended up having surgery on his hip, and is currently in a wheel chair with both legs in casts. Pray for his recovery.
  In May Tom and Spencer participated in the Indiana Fire and POlice bennefit race. The race was held to raise money for the Hoosier Burn camp for severly burned children. Tom, still recovering from surgery, sat out Saturday but snuck onto the track in the Clydsdale class to spin a few laps. Spencer went 1 and 1 in the 125 C class for a 1st overall. 

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Upcoming Events or whats New

Next race for us looks like it may be October 7th at OIR. The guys on the team are also planning a ride a Crow Canyon on Oct 4th.
It is sponsor time now and Tom is eagerly trying to obtain Hot Pursuit MX sponsors.
We look forward to seeing you at the track.
Stay safe

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